The best way to deal with a skin problem is to prevent it before it occurs. Choose Valmont Rituals

What Are

The Butterfly Motion

Valmont derived inspiration for the motion that now takes its name from the butterfly, a symbol of transformation, beauty, grace, and lightness.

During the treatment, all Valmont products are applied with an all-encompassing and engulfing motion. It establishes the treatment’s tempo, helps the client to let go of all stress, and dissipates nervous tension for even more obvious relaxation of the features.

The butterfly motion is performed in a specific sequence of effleurage strokes that target certain parts of the chest, neck, and face. This action increases microcirculation and lymphatic exchanges, allowing toxins to be eliminated and making the skin more sensitive to treatment.

The beautician is on the side, giving her a greater view point for observation.

The beautician is positioned on the side, which provides a greater view point for examining the client’s skin and how it reacts to the treatment; in the meantime, eye contact provides further comfort for the client.

The butterfly motion, which was previously exclusively available for face treatments, has been extended to the body with the advent of Valmont body treatments in 2013. All Magicien du Temps treatments now benefit from this one-of-a-kind gesture.

How it works

Valmont Rituals

The best way to deal with a skin problem is to prevent it before it occurs. This applies to signs of ageing too! Valmont’s expert ritual treatments are ideal for preventing wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and sagging skin – all of which are the most evident signs of ageing. Experience a transforming change in your skin texture, firmness and radiance with this advanced treatment ritual at our clinics.

Use case

Hydration rituals:

This method was developed after researching a type of irrigation system known as ‘Bisses,’ which is employed by mountain inhabitants in Switzerland’s Valais area. Valmont applies this age-old irrigation method to the skin. Source of Bisses is a moisturizing bath that satisfies even the thirstiest skins. When the skin is filled with water, it comes back to life, and the dermis plumps up, smoothing wrinkles and dehydration lines. It is a must-have treatment that leaves the skin as soft as dew in the morning.


Energy rituals:

Vitality of the Glaciers, the first of the Valmont treatments, immediately became a cult classic. It has been with the company since 1985 and displays the Swiss anti-aging expert’s technological competence. This cabin treatment, which is a beauty booster, promotes the skin’s vitality and cell regeneration, both of which decline with age. The complexion is once again fresh and beautiful after the treatment, the features are softened, and the skin has never been fuller.

Use case

Lines & Volumes ritual:

Valmont demonstrates its technical competence in 5 stages with this firmly lifting and firming specialist treatment, as a salute to the 5th highest mountain in the Swiss Alps.

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If you are unhappy with your fine lines, wrinkles, or volume loss, seek a consultation with a dermatologist.

After evaluating your ageing signs, your dermatologist will recommend the most suitable cosmetic treatment option for you and if dermal or face fillers are what you need.


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