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Scars are a natural mark left on the body after a wound or injury has healed that requires different treatments

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Scar Treatment in Dubai

Scars are a natural mark left on the body after a wound or injury has healed. There are different types of scars, namely:

Your doctor will determine the most suitable treatment based on your scar type. These can be:

How it works

What are the Possible Causes of Scars?

Scars are the body’s natural repair mechanism and are essentially parenchymatous cells with collagen deposited in the wound area to allow healing and closure of the skin.

Scars can result from injury, trauma, infections, or burns that break the skin’s continuity and require healing. The deeper the injury, the greater the chances of scar formation.

How its works
How Does Scars Treatment Procedure Work?

Scar Treatments are of three main types, depending upon the degree and type of your scar.

While some treatments can remove scars permanently, others are used to lighten or make your scars less visible when they are deeper and darker.

Here’s how some commonly used scar removal treatments work:

Use case

Who Needs Scars Treatment?

A majority of injuries and wounds heal with scars. However, some scars fade and disappear with time due to the skin’s constant renewal process.

But, if you have a scar affecting your facial or body aesthetics, making you conscious or affecting your self-confidence, you must see a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon about making it less visible.

In some people, scars tend to become itchy, tender, painful or tender and may require scar treatment. If you notice an abnormal growth near a scar, visit your dermatologist immediately.

People with keloid scars or a tendency to form one must see their doctor for scar treatment and learn how they can prevent scars in the future.

What to expect

Expectations / Results after a Scar Treatment

It is essential to have realistic expectations from your Scar Removal Treatment procedures. You might need to undergo a few sessions of TCA CROSS, dermabrasion, or laser therapy to see some results. .

When it comes to scar treatment, you must have the patience to wait to see evident results. You must always clarify with your surgeon how long a particular treatment will take to reduce your scars and give you your results.

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Scar Treatment

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After noting your medical history and performing a clinical evaluation, your doctor will determine whether you are a laser hair removal candidate.

Feel free to discuss all the options for getting rid of scars and enjoy your independence like never before! Have concerns about undergoing this treatment?

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Frequently Asked Questions

While most people wish to undergo Scar Treatment right after an injury, one must not rush. Tending to your wound or injury and nursing your skin back to health is the most important thing to do. There are several topical scar treatment products that you can apply. Still, only after your wound or injury has healed completely and your dermatologist gives the go-ahead to use these products.

Different Scar Treatments work in varied ways. While topical products smoothen, hydrate and even out the area, lasers and surgery work at a deeper layer of the skin. The result of your scar treatment is subjective as it depends upon several factors like the type of scar, the treatment used, the experience and skill of the surgeon, the age of the scar and the area of the body where the scar is present.

Surgery is a good option for deeper scars and includes skin grafting, excision, dermabrasion, and laser surgery.

Though there are several treatment options for scar removal, the most suitable one for you depends on your scar type. For example, lighter and superficial scars can be treated using topical creams, whereas deeper, more severe scars like keloids require cryotherapy, laser resurfacing or surgery to get rid of them.

In a majority of cases, scars can be removed permanently. However, a lot depends upon the scar’s characteristics, including its severity.

Depending on the type of your scar, your dermatologist or plastic surgeon will prescribe the most-suitable scar treatment option. Some preparatory measures that you may need to take before arriving for a scar removal surgery, laser or other treatments are:

  • Avoid sun exposure, tanning beds or sunlamps before your appointment.
  • Stop taking any mineral, vitamin, nutritional supplements or medications that can delay your healing.
  • You may need to stop anticoagulants for some scar treatment procedures.
  • If you are undergoing a laser scar removal treatment, quit smoking at least two weeks before your appointment date.
Scar revision is a specialised plastic surgery procedure that is performed in the following people:
  • Those who are troubled by scars anywhere on the body .
  • -Are physically healthy.
  • Who have positive and realistic expectations from the procedure .
  • Who do not have skin conditions and acne in the target area.

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