Laser Vulvar / Perineal / Anal Whitening

What is

Laser or RF (Exilis) for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Laser vulvar/perineal/anal whitening is a cosmetic procedure that uses laser technology to lighten and improve the appearance of the skin in the vulvar, perineal, and anal areas. It is often sought by individuals looking to address concerns related to skin pigmentation, such as darkening or discoloration in these intimate areas.

How it works

Difference between Laser Vulvar, Perineal and Anal Whitening

Laser vulvar whitening focuses on improving the appearance of the skin in the external genital area (vulva) to address issues such as discoloration, pigmentation irregularities, or age-related changes. Perineal whitening extends the treatment to the area between the vulva and the anus (perineum), targeting similar concerns and aiming to create a more uniform skin tone. Anal whitening, on the other hand, specifically targets the skin around the anus, addressing pigmentation or darkening in that area to achieve a lighter and more aesthetically pleasing appearance. The choice between these procedures typically depends on individual preferences and the specific areas of concern.

How it works

How does the Laser Vulvar / Perineal / Anal Whitening treatment work?

Laser vulvar, perineal, and anal whitening treatments work by using laser technology to target and break down excess melanin, which is responsible for skin pigmentation. The laser energy helps to promote the natural shedding of pigmented skin cells, revealing lighter and more uniform skin in the treated areas over a series of sessions.

Use case

Who needs Laser Vulvar / Perineal / Anal Whitening Treatment?

Laser vulvar, perineal, and anal whitening treatments are typically sought by individuals who have concerns about the appearance of their intimate areas, including issues like darkening, pigmentation irregularities, or discoloration. Those looking to enhance the aesthetics of these regions or improve their self-confidence may consider these treatments to achieve a lighter and more uniform skin tone. 


Preparing Before Laser Vulvar / Perineal / Anal Whitening Treatment

Before undergoing laser vulvar, perineal, or anal whitening treatment, it’s generally recommended to avoid the use of topical creams, lotions, or chemical products in the areas to be treated for several days before the procedure. Additionally, refrain from any form of hair removal, such as waxing or shaving, in the treatment area for at least a week prior to the session to minimize potential skin irritation or sensitivity.

What to expect

How does the Laser Vulvar/Perineal/Anal Whitening Procedure look like?

During the laser vulvar, perineal, or anal whitening procedure, a trained medical professional positions the patient comfortably on an examination table. The medical professional uses a specialized laser device to target the treatment areas, emitting controlled laser energy to break down excess melanin and stimulate skin rejuvenation, with the entire process usually taking around 15 to 30 minutes per session.

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After trreatment

Expectations / Results after Treatment

After a laser vulvar, perineal, or anal whitening procedure, patients can expect gradual lightening of the treated skin areas, resulting in a more uniform and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The extent of results can vary from person to person, and multiple sessions may be needed to achieve the desired level of pigmentation reduction. It’s important to discuss your expectations and potential outcomes with your medical professional during the consultation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The number of sessions required varies based on individual goals and the initial pigmentation of the skin. Multiple sessions are often needed to achieve the desired level of skin lightening.

There is generally minimal downtime after the procedure. Patients can usually resume their regular activities shortly after treatment. However, it’s advisable to avoid hot baths, intense physical activities, and tight clothing for a brief period as recommended by the medical professional.

Results can vary from person to person but typically include gradual lightening and improved skin tone in the treated areas. The extent of results depends on individual factors, such as the initial pigmentation and the number of sessions completed.


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