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What is

Periodontal Treatment in Dubai

Periodontal Treatment, also known as gum disease treatment, is a set of dental procedures and interventions aimed at diagnosing and managing conditions that affect the supporting structures of the teeth, including the gums and the surrounding bone.

How it works

How does the treatment work?

Periodontal Treatment, often referred to as gum disease treatment, works by targeting the underlying causes of gum disease and addressing its symptoms. It typically involves procedures such as scaling and root planing to remove plaque and tartar, laser therapy to remove infected tissue, and in more severe cases, surgical interventions like gum flap surgery and bone grafting. By eliminating infection, reducing inflammation, and promoting the healing of gum tissues, periodontal treatment aims to halt the progression of gum disease and restore oral health.

Use case
Who needs Periodontal Treatment?

Periodontal Treatment in Dubai is recommended for individuals who have been diagnosed with gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. It is typically needed for people experiencing symptoms like gum inflammation, bleeding while brushing or flossing, persistent bad breath, gum recession, or tooth mobility. Additionally, individuals with risk factors such as smoking, diabetes, a family history of gum disease, or a compromised immune system may also benefit from periodontal treatment to prevent or manage gum disease. Periodontal treatment is tailored to the specific needs and severity of each patient’s condition.


Preparing Before Periodontal Treatment

Several weeks before your procedure, it may be necessary to discontinue the use of specific medications, including aspirin, pain relievers, and blood thinners. Most dentists recommend refraining from smoking or consuming alcohol for at least 24 hours before the procedure.

What to expect

How does the Periodontal Treatment look like?

Periodontal Treatment, also known as gum disease treatment, works by addressing the underlying causes and symptoms of gum disease to prevent its progression and improve gum health. Here’s how it works:

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After treatment

Expectations / Results after Treatment

Typically, following gum treatment, the tissue may recede, exposing the root surface, leading to sensitivity to hot, cold, and sweet stimuli, which is a common occurrence. This sensitivity can be managed at home by using readily available over-the-counter anti-sensitivity toothpastes, or by obtaining a prescription for fluoride.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Recovery time can vary, but most patients can return to their regular activities immediately. It’s essential to maintain good oral hygiene post-treatment to ensure a speedy recovery.

The frequency of Periodontal Treatment depends on the severity of your gum disease and your dentist’s recommendations. Some individuals may require more frequent treatments, while others may need them less often.

To maintain gum health, continue practicing good oral hygiene, attend regular dental check-ups, and follow your dentist’s recommendations for post-treatment care. This may include using specific oral care products and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Periodontal Treatment typically involves scaling and root planing, where a dentist or dental hygienist removes plaque and tartar from the teeth and their roots. This process helps eliminate harmful bacteria and promotes gum healing.


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