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Sofwave : Ultimate non invasive skin tightening solution

What is Sofwave ?

When compared to surgical procedures, sofwave Therapy is safer and less intrusive. A quick recovery from injured tissues is possible after receiving SofWave therapy.

Sofwave is a breakthrough in the field of Non Invasive skin Tightening and remodeling since it achieves remarkable outcomes with a far higher safety profile and almost no downtime. The facial, cervical, and systemic treatments are all possible on the platform. The ultrasonic beam transfers the energy to the skin, warming it up to promote the growth of new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

What does Sofwave Works?

Sofwave Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam Technology SUPERBTM is an ultrasound device of the next generation used to cure wrinkles and fine lines. The gadget uses seven ultrasonic transducers that make direct contact with the skin to output a high intensity, high frequency, parallel ultrasound beam array using a unique method that generates Synchronous ultrasonic Parallel Beams.

When the heat action is focused in the middle of the dermis, it is most effective in treating sagging skin. Sofwave’s high frequency, parallel beams confine the thermal action to a depth of 0.5–2 mm within the dermis, with the focal point of the therapy at 1.5 mm. The necessity for focusing is eliminated by the beam’s unusually low divergence and high intensity, and the ultrasonic energy quickly dissipates below a depth of 2 mm, sparing the dermal, hypodermal, nerve, and skeletal layers underneath.

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Sofwave also boasts a proprietary cooling technique called SofCoolTM. When treating the skin, each transducer is placed in direct contact with the epidermis while being individually cooled. This prevents damage to the skin’s protective epidermis and allows for consistent, tunable energy deposition into the tissue.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Sofwave?

The treatment is most effective on those in their 30s and older who are experiencing just mild to moderate skin aging. Candidates for the Sofwave technique should already have some wrinkles and fine lines in order to get the full benefits of the treatment. Even those with deeper creases and lines may be candidates for the therapy, albeit the results may be less dramatic.

What Areas Does Sofwave Treat?

Sofwave helps rebuild collagen, which firms, tightens, and plumps the skin, and it also helps lessen the appearance of wrinkles by increasing the skin’s suppleness. The face, the jaw, and the neck are all regions that can be treated. The effects of Sofwave therapy are:

  • Less prominent and less fine lines and wrinkles
  • Raising one’s eyebrows
  • Reduce jowling by tightening the skin around your jawline.
  • Eliminating Neck Sagging
  • Pulling in the skin

What’s the Difference Between Sofwave and Ulthera?

The Non Invasive skin Tightening procedures of Sofwave and Ultherapy are quite comparable. The way in which they promote collagen production is where these therapies diverge. Ultrasound waves are employed in Sofwave, whereas Ultherapy employs concentrated ultrasound power.

Ultrasound is used in Sofwave to increase collagen production, which in turn makes the skin more firm and smooth. Sofwave therapy involves the application of high-frequency ultrasound waves to the skin using a handheld device. This radiation gently warms deeper layers of tissue to increase collagen formation. 

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The end effect is noticeably firmer and silkier skin. In most cases, the procedure only takes 30 minutes and causes minimal discomfort. However, a little heat or tingling feeling is possible. There is no recovery period or aftereffect from the session, so you can immediately resume your regular activities. Collagen production rises with age, leading to better skin. As a consequence, you’ll seem younger and brighter than ever before.

However, with ultherapy, ultrasound energy is directed to reach deeper layers of skin. Therefore, this causes collagen to be produced. 

The treated skin region is thoroughly cleansed before to the Ultherapy procedure. After that, the ultrasound gel and wand are applied to the affected region. The ultrasonic waves emitted by the wand can reach deep into the skin. Because of the increased temperature, collagen production is boosted. You can experience mild heat from the therapy. Although unpleasant, this feeling is frequently accepted. Depending on the size of the area being treated, the entire process might take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

You’ll feel completely normal when the procedure is through. There may be some temporary redness or swelling, but it should go away after a few hours. In time, your skin will tighten and grow firmer as your body creates more collagen. Overall, both Sofwave and Ultherapy aid in Non Invasive skin Tightening by stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen. Both approaches are effective and safe, but it is best to discuss your options with a medical professional to choose the one that best suits your needs and skin type.

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What Are the Long-Term Results of Sofwave?

SofWave Therapy is gaining in popularity for a number of reasons.


Sofwave Therapy is a very successful treatment for a wide range of medical issues, as shown by unbiased scientific research. Diseases like broken bones and weakened muscles respond well to the treatment. The data show that the vast majority of people who try the treatment end up feeling better afterward.


When tendons are injured, the damaged region may develop calcified fibroblasts over time. The discomfort you feel might be the result of fibroblasts that have become calcified. Therefore, this can lead to reduced mobility. The use of shockwave pulses can remove calcification from the injured region. After then, the fibroblasts break up into little pieces that the body can readily absorb. Consequently, this alleviates suffering and revives lost capacities.


One of the most important structural proteins in the human body is collagen. They are also essential in the process of wound recovery. The shockwaves used in Sofwave Therapy are produced by a hydroelectrical source. They are aimed at the site where damage has occurred or where unhealthy tissues are located. Therefore, the body is stimulated, and the indigenous stem cells are activated. They aid in tissue regeneration and the formation of new blood vessels.


Patients who would like not have surgery, injections, or medications can consider Sofwave Therapy. There is no discomfort involved, and no intrusive procedures are required to activate one’s own stem cells.

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